Lives that will be Transformed Because of ABAAD: Afghan Women Forward


After years of living in a physical and psychological abusive relationship, Nasrin gathered the courage to leave her husband and seek refuge at a local shelter for survivors of domestic violence. At the shelter Nasrin learned embroidery from a friend and was excited to use her embroidery skills to earn an income. When the shelter closed down on August 15th 2021, Nasrin could not go back to her husband’s or parents’ house fearing her husband will kill her for bringing shame to the family by going to a shelter. With nowhere to go, Nasrin was forced to sleep on the street corners and beg for food. 

ABAAD: Afghan Women Forward will provide Nasrin cash assistance for food and shelter until she could stand on her own. We will also connect Nasrin with other local Humanitarian organization to get assistance. Nasrin will also participate in our paid skills-building workshops, so she could use her embroidery skills to earn an income and become self-sufficient. 


Khalida is a 27-year-old  woman and a mother to two young girls. She endured many years of physical abuse at the hand of her husband and in-laws, but refused to leave her abusive partner because she knew once she left she would never see her daughters again (According to Afghan Culture, the father gets full custody of the children no matter the circumstances of the divorce). However, the abuse became intolerable and Khalida had to leave her husband’s house and seek protection at the local shelter for victims of domestic violence. When the shelter closed down, Khalida had no safe haven except her parent’s house. To help her very impoverished family, Khalida cleans houses and does the laundry for her relatively well-off neighbors.  

Khalida will participate in ABAAD: Afghan Women Forward’s paid skills-building workshops to improve her weaving, embroidery, and tailoring skills. She wants to use her skills to earn an income and  support herself and her family. She will also take part in ABAAD: Afghan Women Forward’s Safe Circles to connect with peers and start healing from years of domestic violence.

*Women’s names have been changed to protect privacy.