Mission & Vision

ABAAD: Afghan Women Forward was created to alleviate poverty and hunger by empowering and providing women the resources and skills they need to stand on their own and support their families financially and contribute to their communities’ betterment.

ABAAD: Afghan Women Forward envisions an Afghanistan where women are recognized as valuable members of their families and communities and have access to resources to contribute to their country’s economic, social, and political stability.


Humanitarian Assistance

Providing humanitarian assistance to vulnerable women, with a special emphasis on survivors of domestic violence. Additionally, we will design and conduct a mapping project to identify grass-roots humanitarian organizations and resources for women and families at high risk of homelessness and hunger, and connect our beneficiaries to these resources.

Education and Workforce Development

Offering paid skills-building workshops to help women in order to achieve economic self-sufficiency.

Human Rights through the Lens of Islam

Providing a safe space for women to connect with peers, build trust, and engage in dialogue to foster a sense of belonging.